Following Activities were identified as priorities at the AGM, to be carried out during the upcoming tenure of the ICOMOS for it's success.

1. Updating and Regularizing Membership.

2. Publication of a Newsletter.

3. Revisiting and Finalizing of the ICOMOS constitution.

4. Incorporation of the ICOMOS.

5. Raising Funds.

6. Holding an International Conference.

7. Holding educational awareness programmes and carrying out educational activities.

First Workshop: Undertsanding the Heritage Significance of Cultural Sites.

At the conclusion of the first workshop

8. Strengthening and maintaining international relations.

9. Facilitating for discussions on professional matters.

10. Holding a monthly Public Lecture at the end of each council meeting.


11. Publications available for purchase at publication section of the Central Cultural Fund: No. 11/1 Independace Avenue, Colombo 07.

12. ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites - ICOMOS Sri Lanka Event. | Programme of 18thApril